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Founded by Rush Jackson
in 2020, ONYX prioritizes
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Black cultural lexicon.

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To the Front:
Black Women & the Vote

CLIENT: The Baltimore AFRO American & AFRO Charities
PROJECT TYPE: Publication Design, Art Direction, Site Development

DESIGN by Rush Jackson & Jerome Harris
EDITED by Savannah Wood

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the AFRO and Afro Charities have teamed up to produce To The Front: Black Women & The Vote.

This special edition publication reaches back into the AFRO American Newspapers’ archives to bring DC and Maryland’s Black women suffragists into the national suffrage conversation. Connecting their activism with that of their 21st-century counterparts, To The Front highlights the ongoing fight for unfettered access to the vote.

To the Front is available for purchase
online at tothefront.us ︎︎︎