Based in Brooklyn, NY


ONYX Self-Imaging is a
full-service graphic
design and art direction
studio working with
clients & collaborators
in the arts, cultural, and
advocacy sectors.

Founded by Rush Jackson
in 2020, ONYX prioritizes
clients that share mutual
goals of expanding the

Black cultural lexicon.

©2020 ONYX Self-Imaging Labs

by Justen LeRoy


SON. is a platform that showcases the multi-dimensional experience of the black male identity on a global scale. SON. was established to provide an innovative space in media for the creative excellence and activism of black male-identifying bodies. SON.’s intention is to transform how these bodies view themselves, how they view women, and how they view the structures and systems that operate around them. Through dynamic content and the dissemination of vital information on developments in music, film, art, culture and activism, SON. aims to inspire creative leadership and contribute to a cultural shift that reframes, re-energizes, and reimagines the black male body. Working with the folks from SON., I created a paired down brand identity system. Our objective was to build a system that is open and fluid enough to evolve with SON. in the coming years, as they shift through different roles of community engagement throughout Los Angeles and beyond.